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in Stockholm, Sweden

One destination for everyone and everything cloud workspaces.


Agenda for
Stockholm, Sweden

See and hear from experienced EUC digital workspace leaders, industry analysts and technology innovators.


Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel
Vasagatan 1
Stockholm SE10124

Connect with your peers, visit and network with sponsors, get your swag and details on ways to win with IGEL and our event sponsors.

Your host of the day – Simon Townsend, CMO, IGEL Technology

Speaker: Thomas Poppelgaard

What are we seeing in EUC in 2022 based on Field Experience and my Thoughts on 2023 and Beyond… Sharing views, opinions, and real world examples considering the importance of Security, Sustainability, User Experience and Choice.

Speakers: Steve McGovern (VMware), Matti Haapala (Citrix) and Daryl Gwyn (Microsoft)
Moderator: Douglas Brown, ControlUp

Hear how Microsoft, VMware and Citrix help IT teams use the Microsoft Azure cloud to quickly and easily deliver a consistently stellar end-user experience for people working from almost anywhere — from an office desk to home to any Internet-connected location. Learn how you can offer fully managed cloud-delivered end-user experiences that are secure and productive, while saving significant time and capital in the process. This session will end with an interactive Q&A.

Reflect on the morning sessions and meet some of your industry peers over a delightful lunch and connect with our sponsors

Speakers: Guido Beyna (LG), Carl Johan Mattson (HP) and Fred Brattstig (IGEL)
Moderator: Douglas Brown, ControlUp

Endpoints in VDI matter! – The VDI and DaaS market is moving faster than ever – don’t let your endpoints slow you down…

In this endpoint think tank, IGEL, LG and HP will discuss the challenges organizations face today when it comes to endpoint management and how the new hybrid way of working brings new ways of deploying virtualized desktops and endpoints. With a focus on management, security and employee experience, IGEL, LG and HP will talk through several use cases and discuss the importance of choosing the right endpoint. This session will conclude with an interactive Q&A

Speakers: Simon Binder (Cygate), Joacim Häll (Infozone) and William Hellström (ATEA)
Moderator: Tobias Weilbeer

An interactive session helping you solve problems, plan for what’s next, and get better at what you do.

Network with your peers and partners in the exhibit area where you can take a deep dive into end-user computing solutions, products and services while learning how to win with IGEL and its partners.

Speaker: Berry Haveman, Liquidware

Application delivery and application management are – especially with modern workplaces to be handed down in multiple environments – becoming more and more challenging. At our customers, we often see that applications are not ready to be easily deployed and maintained with Endpoint Management or Workspace portals solutions. Especially when it comes to migrating your desktops to Microsoft AVD, Windows 365 Cloud PC or just a refreshed VDI or SBC deployment on-premise, you will face new challenges because the end-of-life date of App-V is getting closer. During this session we will take you on a journey of packaging and delivering applications using Liquidware FlexApp, enhancing your modern workspace and ensuring great user experiences.

Speaker: Mathias Törnblom (Lead Sales Engineer Citrix) & Tobias Weilbeer (VP PreSales EMEA IGEL)

Mathias and Tobi will talk about how Citrix customers, who are still using an on-prem environment, can generate a budget to migrate to the Citrix cloud. They will show you how you can save money on your endpoint devices, how to solve your endpoint challenges and how to move quicker to the Citrix cloud. You will also learn why this migration will have a huge impact on your sustainability goals.

Speaker: Guido Beyna, LG

Device Security is an essential component of an effective security solution. Building a complete solution can require new and emerging offerings. Learn from LG how their partnership with IGEL has enhanced the user experience while creating a proper solution that meets their customer’s security needs.

Speaker: André Gimbut, Digitrade

The UD-Pocket has already significantly reduced the cost and effort for enterprises to deploy mobile workstations, while significantly increasing flexibility and convenience for the user. This session will demonstrate how special hardware with approval for classification levels EU Restricted and NATO Restricted, as well as the integration of PKI-based smartcards, can realize significant improvements in access and integrity protection.

Speaker: Nicklas Isaksson, ControlUp

With real-time monitoring across VDI, SaaS and web applications, unified communications tools, physical endpoints, plus insights into user sentiment and metrics that help IT quickly identify problems, ControlUp is a comprehensive Digital Employee Experience management platform that makes remote work work better.

Pair that with an endpoint OS–like IGEL OS–that’s designed for secure, flexible access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces, and the Work From Anywhere World is your oyster.

Together ControlUp and IGEL can empower IT to power the work from anywhere world and deliver a friction-free digital employee experience, no matter where people are working. In this session you will learn:

  • How ControlUp integrates with IGEL
  • How to use ControlUp to monitor GEL devices historically and in real time
  • How ControlUp can help identify key client-side and end-to-end performance metrics

Speaker: Simon Binder, Telia Cygate

Combining security, sustainability and a great user experience was hard. After the pandemic it became even harder, but more essential, than ever.
At Telia Cygate, we don’t think this combination should be hard. In this session, we will show you how to combine Igel technology with a people-focused workplace strategy. Enabling any organization to create a workplace experience loved by both administrators and users.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why integration & connectivity are keys to success
  • How to secure your WFx workplace with IGEL OS
  • Why a workplace strategy is needed and how to create one

Speaker: Steve McGovern, VMware

For years, VMware and Microsoft have been building a partnership that enables us to deliver exactly what you need with desktop and app virtualization – whether you want to extend your on-premises Horizon environment to Azure on Azure VMware Solution or completely modernize your approach to virtual apps and desktops with Horizon Cloud and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Grab a drink of your choice along with some delicious snacks and continue to network with your peers and partners.

Simon Townsend, CMO, IGEL Technology

Hear what’s new with IGEL and developments to expect in the coming months with IGEL OS, including key integrations and partnerships that are on the horizon.
IGEL will wrap up the session with some observations from the various sessions so far, with a special focus on improving IT team performance and efficiency in delivering VDI and DaaS, bolstering endpoint security, and attracting and retaining top talent by offering a consistently great end-user experience.

What’s DISRUPT without some fun? Chat with colleagues and new friends while enjoying a drink or two. It’s a great way to wrap up the day and a small way for IGEL to offer a big “thank you!” for attending!

Why Attend

Experience the sights, sounds and excitement of the very latest that DISRUPT has to offer.

Unparalleled insight

We’ll address minimizing your endpoints’ attack surfaces, cope with chip shortages and supply chain disruptions and improve both performance and sustainability across your network.

Empower your people

We’ll explore making digital workspaces as easy to use as our mobiles.

Make it personal

Let’s celebrate network and celebrate like it’s 2019! All without a Zoom, Teams or WebEx window in sight.

What to Expect

See and hear from experienced EUC digital workspace leaders, industry analysts, and technology innovators.

Unmissable deep dive sessions packed with real-world innovations, techniques and tools designed to help you shape robust EUC strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

Hear and be heard

Hear inspiring keynotes addressed as we all navigate the new “work from anywhere” world. Interactive sessions with exclusive technical insights.

Get a feel for the future

Hear the latest from leading technology partner leaders like Microsoft and VMware and other big industry players who are helping to define the future of work.

You’ll also hear from EUC channel partners and their customers, sharing their unique stories and experiences.

Take what you learn, and build

Gather exclusive technical resources and early insights. You’ll also come away with a variety of takeaways to help you plan with confidence.

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