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20 October 2022

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in Nashville, TN

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Nashville, TN

See and hear from experienced EUC digital workspace leaders, industry analysts and technology innovators.


Sonesta Nashville Airport
600 Marriott Dr, Nashville, TN 37214

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re:connect with your peers, visit and network with sponsors, get your swag and details on ways to win with IGEL and our event sponsors.

Presenter: Brad Tompkins, Chief Revenue Officer NA, IGEL

It’s a new world of on-site and remote work, office and at-home, and on-prem and multi-cloud. Hear how IGEL’s key technology partners view all of this as a great opportunity to enable organizations to thrive in a world where end-users hold the power to work when, where, and as they wish — on the device that best suits their needs.

Moderator: Carl Gersh, VP Marketing NA, IGEL


  • Matt Scudder, VP Enterprise Sales, Nerdio
  • Christian Brinkhoff, Principal Product Manager – Community Lead, Windows 365, Microsoft
  • Stacy Malcolm, Business Development Manager, VMware Horizon Cloud, VMware

This interactive ‘Think tank’ session includes Nerdio, Microsoft and VMware. It will discuss the current state of End-user computing and how DaaS is changing the future of work and how IT delivers it. Listen as we interview well-known names from Microsoft, VMware, and Nerdio about their latest releases, their view on the market, and the future of delivering applications and desktops. This session will end with an interactive Q&A.

Moderator: Carl Gersh, VP Marketing NA, IGEL


  • Alan Crouse, Cloud Client Sales Specialist, HP
  • Aaron Addison, Strategic Alliance Manager, LG Electronics
  • Dan O’Farrell, Sr Director Product Marketing, IGEL

Endpoints in VDI matter! – The VDI and DaaS market is moving faster than ever – don’t let your endpoints slow you down…

In this endpoint think tank, IGEL, LG and HP will discuss the challenges organizations face today when it comes to endpoint management and how the new hybrid way of working brings new ways of deploying virtualized desktops and endpoints. With a focus on management, security and employee experience, IGEL, LG and HP will talk through several use cases and discuss the importance of choosing the right endpoint. This session will conclude with an interactive Q&A.

Moderator: Dan O’Farrell, Sr Director Product Marketing, IGEL


  • Davita – Charlie Seay
  • Diversicare – April Marbury, Shanna Persful

IGEL customers will share their own experiences and learnings from the past two years that have shaped how they are currently facing the new hybrid way of work for their organizations. Lessons learned, both good and “bad”, will be discussed to help guide all of us as we look forward to 2022 and beyond. This panel will conclude with an interactive Q&A.

Presenter: Christiaan Brinkhoff, Principal Product Manager – Communicty Lead, Windows 365, Microsoft

Learn about new options for your hybrid workers and others who benefit from the latest Cloud PC and virtualization solutions from Microsoft and our partners. In this session, you’ll hear from senior Microsoft engineering leaders about the use cases that are most appropriate for the various infrastructure approaches available today. Bring your questions and challenges!

Reflect on the morning sessions and meet some of your industry peers over a delightful lunch — on IGEL with our pleasure!

Presenter: Rodger Colvin, Senior Sales Engineer, ControlUp

With real-time monitoring across VDI, SaaS and web applications, unified communications tools, physical endpoints, plus insights into user sentiment and metrics that help IT quickly identify problems, ControlUp is a comprehensive Digital Employee Experience management platform that makes remote work work better.

Pair that with an endpoint OS–like IGEL OS–that’s designed for secure, flexible access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces, and the Work From Anywhere World is your oyster.

Together ControlUp and IGEL can empower IT to power the work from anywhere world and deliver a friction-free digital employee experience, no matter where people are working. In this session you will learn:

  • How ControlUp integrates with IGEL
  • How to use ControlUp to monitor GEL devices historically and in real time
  • How ControlUp can help identify key client-side and end-to-end performance metrics

Presenter: Aaron Addison, Strategic Alliance Manager, LG Electronics

Device Security is an essential component of an effective security solution. Building a complete solution can require new and emerging offerings. Learn from LG how their partnership with IGEL has enhanced the user experience while creating a proper solution that meets their customer’s security needs.

Presenter: Matthew Davidson, Field CTO, Workspot

Modernize VDI (and Your Skills) in the Cloud “VDI has been an enterprise staple for decades, but often raises concerns about scalability, performance, and operational complexity. Cloud PC solutions are poised to help IT organizations increase business agility, support work from anywhere, and even reduce operational costs – but how do you identify the best options for your organization?
In this session, you will learn:
  • What are the optimal use cases for Cloud PCs?
  • Do-it-yourself VDI or SaaS Cloud PCs? What are the tradeoffs?
  • In the cloud era, how should you think about endpoints?
  • Time-to-value and user on-boarding: What can you expect from Cloud PC?
  • How to architect for chip to cloud security”

Network with your peers and partners in the exhibit area where you can take a deep dive into end-user computing solutions, products and services while learning how to win with IGEL and its partners.

Presenter: Stacy Malcolm, Business Development Manager, VMware Horizon Cloud, VMware

For years, VMware and Microsoft have been building a partnership that enables us to deliver exactly what you need with desktop and app virtualization – whether you want to extend your on-premises Horizon environment to Azure on Azure VMware Solution or completely modernize your approach to virtual apps and desktops with Horizon Cloud and Azure Virtual Desktop.

In this session, you’ll learn why VMware and Microsoft are the trusted, strategic vendors with the solutions you need to simplify management and increase hybrid workforce productivity. We’ll also walk you through how you can leverage VMware Workspace ONE to deliver a consistent user experience while managing endpoint devices (which now works with IGEL OS!), as well as an ecosystem of partners that can help you migrate and modernize your application delivery.

Presenter: Amin Marts, VP, Ecosystems & Alliances, PrinterLogic

Presenter: Josh Lane, Account Executive, 7Signal

Monitoring and mitigating Wi-Fi issues through IGEL endpoints with 7SIGNAL offers full visibility into the health of your network and devices. With this information, device managers and engineers know if the issues are with the device or network – or both.

  • Reduce the time required for troubleshooting from days to minutes
  • Proactively identify issues before end-users are affected and the help desk is called
  • Support your remote and campus workers equally

Grab a drink of your choice along with some delicious snacks and continue to network with your peers and partners.
Join us back in the ballroom for the event prize draw. Winner must be present to win.

Presenter: Tyler Rohrer, Founder and CEO, Remotely

Thomas Preston Migaki, Sales Engineer, Citrix

Presenter: Dan O’Farrell, Sr. Director Product Marketing, IGEL

Hear what’s new with IGEL and developments to expect in the coming months with IGEL OS, including key integrations and partnerships that are on the horizon.

What’s DISRUPT without some fun? Chat with colleagues and new friends while enjoying a drink or two. It’s a great way to wrap up the day and a small way for IGEL to offer a big “thank you!” for attending!

Why Attend

Experience the sights, sounds and excitement of the very latest that DISRUPT has to offer.

Unparalleled insight

We’ll address minimizing your endpoints’ attack surfaces, cope with chip shortages and supply chain disruptions and improve both performance and sustainability across your network.

Empower your people

We’ll explore making digital workspaces as easy to use as our mobiles.

Make it personal

Let’s celebrate network and celebrate like it’s 2019! All without a Zoom, Teams or WebEx window in sight.

What to Expect

See and hear from experienced EUC digital workspace leaders, industry analysts, and technology innovators.

Unmissable deep dive sessions packed with real-world innovations, techniques and tools designed to help you shape robust EUC strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

Hear and be heard

Hear inspiring keynotes addressed as we all navigate the new “work from anywhere” world. Interactive sessions with exclusive technical insights.

Get a feel for the future

Hear the latest from leading technology partner leaders like Microsoft and VMware and other big industry players who are helping to define the future of work.

You’ll also hear from EUC channel partners and their customers, sharing their unique stories and experiences.

Take what you learn, and build

Gather exclusive technical resources and early insights. You’ll also come away with a variety of takeaways to help you plan with confidence.

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