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in Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland

See and hear from experienced EUC digital workspace leaders, industry analysts and technology innovators.


RADISSON BLU ROYAL HOTEL, Golden Lane, Dublin 8.

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Speakers: Niels Keunecke and Matt Hoppe, IGEL

Speakers: Simon Townsend, IGEL

It’s a new world of on-site and remote work, office and at-home, and on-prem and multi-cloud. Hear how IGEL’s key technology partners view all of this as a great opportunity to enable organizations to thrive in a world where end-users hold the power to work when, where, and as they wish — on the device that best suits their needs.

Presenter: Jonathan Culver (IGEL)

Speakers: David McCormick (Microsoft), Neil McLoughlin (Nerdio), Steve McGovern (VMWare)

This interactive ‘Think tank’ session includes Nerdio, Microsoft and VMware. It will discuss the current state of End-user computing and how DaaS is changing the future of work and how IT delivers it. Listen as we interview well-known names from Microsoft, VMware, and Nerdio about their latest releases, their view on the market, and the future of delivering applications and desktops. This session will end with an interactive Q&A.

Endpoints in VDI matter! – The VDI and DaaS market is moving faster than ever – don’t let your endpoints slow you down…

In this endpoint think tank, IGEL, LG and HP will discuss the challenges organizations face today when it comes to endpoint management and how the new hybrid way of working brings new ways of deploying virtualized desktops and endpoints. With a focus on management, security and employee experience, IGEL, LG and HP will talk through several use cases and discuss the importance of choosing the right endpoint. This session will conclude with an interactive Q&A.

Speakers: Ben Ward – IGEL, Gerry Lavin – Citrix  and Kevin McVitie – The Phoenix Group.

If you think reducing energy consumption is the number one way to run a sustainable IT operation, you’re wrong. Join Ben Ward, Gerry Lavin and Kevin McVitie as we discuss the reasons why sustainable IT is no longer optional.  We’ll cover what REALLY contributes the most to green-house gas emissions and how one IGEL customer reduced their carbon footprint while reducing cost, improving security and making people smile.

Speaker: David McCormick, Microsoft

Speaker: Lindell Harry, ControlUp

Today, there’s more pressure than ever on IT to cut costs and help keep their end users productive. The pandemic has forced Enterprise organizations to completely rethink how they work, and focus on ways to optimize the Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

Hosted by IGEL’s Simon Townsend

Panel: Simon Hill (Printer Logic), Imre Csuri (EPOS), Dean Chettra (7Signal)

Speaker: Joe Cleary, Solution Consultant, Lenovo U.K & I.

This session will provide quick look in to Lenovo’s “3 x S” strategy, their wider solution portfolio as well as a high level overview of the Lenovo Microsoft product ecosystem.

Why Attend

Experience the sights, sounds and excitement of the very latest that DISRUPT has to offer.

Unparalleled insight

We’ll address minimizing your endpoints’ attack surfaces, cope with chip shortages and supply chain disruptions and improve both performance and sustainability across your network.

Empower your people

We’ll explore making digital workspaces as easy to use as our mobiles.

Make it personal

Let’s celebrate network and celebrate like it’s 2019! All without a Zoom, Teams or WebEx window in sight.

What to Expect

See and hear from experienced EUC digital workspace leaders, industry analysts, and technology innovators.

Unmissable deep dive sessions packed with real-world innovations, techniques and tools designed to help you shape robust EUC strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

Hear and be heard

Hear inspiring keynotes addressed as we all navigate the new “work from anywhere” world. Interactive sessions with exclusive technical insights.

Get a feel for the future

Hear the latest from leading technology partner leaders like Microsoft and VMware and other big industry players who are helping to define the future of work.

You’ll also hear from EUC channel partners and their customers, sharing their unique stories and experiences.

Take what you learn, and build

Gather exclusive technical resources and early insights. You’ll also come away with a variety of takeaways to help you plan with confidence.

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