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The Ultimate EUC Event, Expo & Technical Bootcamps



All activities are at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

All times are Central Time (CT).

All times and dates subject to change.

MONDAY – April 3

12pm - 7:30pm - Check in & Registration

If you would like to attend this meeting, contact Divya Saggar at [email protected]

Presenter: Sebastien Perusat, Senior Director of Community and Principal Engineer, IGEL

What can the IGEL Community do for you? We are a group of EUC experts talking Tech, but what are we delivering beside that? What is happening outside of Slack? We will deliver a deep dive in our contents but also share unique insights in our plans for the future.

Since our last Munich Disrupt many crispy and fancy features were added to our products and we are sure you never heard of them ! If you are a Tech enthusiast, you should not miss it!


  • Christiaan Brinkhoff, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Windows 365, Microsoft
  • John Spencer, Program Manager, Microsoft

Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are complementary products that enable every organization to deliver Windows from the Cloud to its employees. This session will outline the critical first step in that process: Understanding how to select the right product(s) to address your organization’s needs. Then, it will dive deeper into the IT admin experience of each product and the choices you’ll need to make before, during, and after deployment. Join us as product managers Christiaan Brinkhoff and John Spencer present a training class on this top-requested topic.

3:30pm - 4pm - Break

Presenter: Greg Roberson, Director Enterprise Sales Engineer, Nerdio

Come here from the team at Nerdio why Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is the definitive AVD and Windows 365 Native deployment, management, and optimization product on the market. This session will be a technical deep dive into the product led by Nerdio Director Enterprise Sales Engineer Greg Roberson. We will cover a wide range of topics including deployment, image management, auto-scaling, application management, performance management and monitoring, and much more.

6pm - 7:30pm - Welcome reception & happy hour | Expo floor

TUESDAY – April 4

7am - 8am - Breakfast & Expo Hall Open | Expo Foyer

7am - 5pm - Check in & Registration

Presenter: Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Story Teller, Stories Rule!

Opening Keynote Presenter: Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL

Welcome from the IGEL CEO, IGEL’s primary values, a brief discussion of where the world of EUC has evolved and how it currently stands, the critical importance of IGEL’s technology partnerships, and how we see EUC evolving in a widely distributed world of hybrid work.

Customer Success Stories Presenters:

  • Sebastian Addams, Director of End User Services, Sydney Local Health District
  • Jim Davis, CTO, UC Irvine Health

Customer perspectives on their use of IGEL and other technologies to address their own specific EUC use cases, with an eye on what’s next.


  • Matthias Haas, CTO & Managing Director, IGEL
  • Jason Mafera, Field CTO, North America, IGEL
  • Binthu Vijayaratnam, Manager Sales Engineering EMEA, IGEL
  • Alex Thatcher, Director, Cloud Clients, HP
  • Andy Nieto, Global Healthcare Solutions Manager, Lenovo
  • Phillip Johnson, Sr. National Sales Manager, LG
  • Billy Cruz, Technology Services Manager, COCC

Introducing IGEL COSMOS, how COSMOS addresses the specific needs of the rapidly changing world of work and EUC, primary new capabilities of COSMOS and benefits, and a live COSMOS demo.

Presenter: Billy Cruz, Technology Services Manager, COCC

An insightful and thought-provoking discussion of how historically impactful technologies first arrived, made their greatest impact, and how they left lasting impressions on humanity, including the current cloud era (hint – we’re still in the early days of the cloud!).

10am - 10:30am - Break & Expo Hall Open | Expo Foyer

Presenter: Scott Manchester, Director of Product Management Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, Microsoft

In this 18-minute session Scott Manchester, Microsoft’s Director for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop Product Management, will share our approach for evolving Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop to meet the challenges of remote work while delivering a platform for partner innovation.

Update on VMware within EUC with breaking new product news


  • Kevin English, Senior Director of Modern Workplace Services, SHI
  • Mike Strohl, CEO, Entisys360
  • Paul Kunze, CEO, IntraSystems
  • Andy Whiteside, President and CEO, Xentegra
  • Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL

IGEL channel partners share their insights on how they are addressing evolving customer hybrid work needs

Presenter: Asaf Ganot, CEO, ControlUp – DEX

Join Asaf Ganot, CEO of ControlUp and other guests to discover why ControlUp Real-Time DX is the go-to platform for monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation of any virtual desktop. With the release of version 8.8, you’ll experience new levels of cost control, enhanced performance, and access to hundreds of new metrics for managing your Azure Virtual Desktop.

12:20pm - 1:30pm - Lunch buffet & EXPO Hall Open | Delta B

Presenter: Juan Zapata, Product Security Manager, IGEL

IGEL OS is a robust and secure operating system for endpoint devices, and in this session, we will tell you why. Learn what security features are new and improved in IGEL OS 12 – and what IGEL does to keep it secure.


  • Aaron Addison, Strategic Alliance Manager, LG
  • Sean Larson, Sales Engineer, LG

Join us for an exciting and interactive technical game show as we explore the capabilities of the LG cloud client operating with IGEL OS. In this session, we will showcase the power of the LG Cloud Client in real time and demonstrate how it seamlessly integrates with IGEL OS to deliver a robust and secure virtual desktop experience.

Through an interactive game, you’ll learn about the key features and benefits of the LG cloud client and IGEL COSMOS, including enhanced security, simplified management, and improved performance. You’ll also be able to ask questions and share your experiences with these innovative technologies.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to gain valuable insights into the LG cloud portfolio. Plus, there will be prizes for the WINNERS and LOSERS of our GAME SHOW.

Presenter: Amin Marts, VP, Ecosystems & Alliances, Vasion

Managing print across large and geographically spread fleets is complex and typically unreliable. During this session, we will show you how one of our customers gained control of their fleet of 2000 printers, located in four different locations across Germany, and simplified print for over 4,000 potential users in their IGEL environment. Learn how to reduce infrastructure, simplify management, and reduce print related support tickets with a cloud native solution.

Presenter: Sean Donahue, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix

The VDI / DaaS landscape is quickly evolving. If you blink you may miss some of the dynamic changes and developments happening in End User Computing. Public Cloud is only the tip of the stack.

In this session we will cover the latest news, information and stats on how people are using Desktop Virtualization in a Hybrid World.

This will be followed by a lively panel discussion [audience participation encouraged] with industry experts across the EUC landscape.

In this session you will learn:

  • The latest developments between Nutanix and Citrix
  • How customers will benefit from the most recent changes
  • The best path forward to get the most of your existing and new VDI/DaaS Solutions

Moderator: Dan O’Farrell, VP Product Marketing, IGEL


  • Christian Boucher, Chief Healthcare Strategist, Citrix
  • Jason Greene, Director of Application Technology, Lexington Medical Center
  • LeRoy Vanek, Principal Technical Architect, Baptist Health

Presenter: Ivan Kruljac, Manager Customer Success EMEA, IGEL

This session will provide insights into the IGEL COSMOS platform. We will discuss new features in IGEL OS 12, how IGEL OS communicates with the new management, and how IGEL Cloud services, together with IGEL OS, deliver a hybrid workspace.

In the session, you will learn:

  • What is IGEL COSMOS
  • What is new in the UMS 12, and what is the difference between OS 11 & OS 12
  • UMS 12 Network – internal and external
  • IGEL Customer Portal
  • IGEL App Portal – how to get apps to the device
  • IGEL Onboarding Services demystified
  • IGEL Insight Services
  • IGEL Licensed


  • Jeff Ulatoski, Product Manager of App Volumes, VMware
  • Samit Halvadia, Chief Technology Officer, Rimo3
  • Joe Cooper, Principal Instructor, VMware Education, VMware

With VMware’s latest Apps on Demand capability managing your Windows applications in a modern way have never been easier. In this session you’ll learn how to use solutions from VMware & Rimo3 to rethink how your applications are managed and delivered today.

Through a series of demonstrations from the viewpoints of the administrator and end user, you’ll see and learn how quickly applications can be packaged or converted from existing formats, tested, entitled to each user, delivered on demand through Horizon or Citrix. Also learn how to rollout and rollback application updates through UAT and production, monitor application usage, and enable self-service and SSO to SaaS and virtual applications and desktops.

2:15pm - 2:30pm - room change


  • Jason Mafera, Field CTO, North America, IGEL
  • Chris Feeney, Sr. Presales Engineer, Channel & Team Lead, IGEL
  • Sasha Bonakdar, VP of Corporate and Business Development, Imprivata

Expanding on the successful 12+ year partnership to enable fast, secure and seamless access to Microsoft Azure AVD and Windows 365 cloud PC. As windows desktop infrastructure is centralized and transitioned to the Azure cloud, end users must be provided the workflows and security to continue to work seamlessly without the need for any retraining. This session will discuss the market trends and technical details of the new integration followed by a live demonstration of the workflows now possible to enable this transition. All delivered in a fast, seamless, and user centric manner.

Presenter: Andy Nieto, Global Healthcare Solutions Manager, Lenovo

Many Hardware vendors offer compute devices for your EUC environment. Picking one can be a huge challenge.

In this session:

  • Understanding the difference between a vendor and a partner
  • Discover the importance of the technology partner on your Digital Employee Experience (DEX)
  • Learn how the right technology partner is critical to your security framework.

Presenter: Calvin Hsu, Vice President Of Product Management, Citrix

Wondering how private equity is changing Citrix? Curious about our new leadership team and goals for CVAD and DaaS? We’ve got lots of good news for customers, partners and our broader ecosystem!

Citrix is kicking off 2023 with a renewed roadmap focused on enterprise customer needs, new innovations with partners like IGEL, and the resources and investment to make it all happen.

Join this session to learn more about:

  • Our vision for app and desktop delivery in an increasingly hybrid world
  • How our vision includes a strategy for both virtual and non-virtual applications
  • Ways that we’re using monitoring insights to make extremely complex enterprise environments simpler to manage
  • Answers to your important questions about DaaS vs VDI – and how customers will have increased deployment flexibility

Presenter: Scott Manchester, Director of Product Management for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft

In this 45-minute session Scott Manchester, Director of Product Management for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, will highlight how the Microsoft approach to innovation is driving the many recently released and targeted future features for both services.

Presenter: Eva Helén, Author of Women in Tech, a Book for Guys; CEO, EQ Inspiration

Eva Helén, CEO of EQ Inspiration, will talk with Lindsey Kramer, Director of Hyperscaler Business Development, Microsoft at VMware, and then lead an interactive session for all women and men to talk about how to recruit, retain, and promote women and minorities in our space. You will leave with ideas to bring back to your team and company.

3:15pm - 4pm - Break & Expo Hall Open


  • Brad Tompkins, Chief Revenue Officer, North America, IGEL
  • Trey Baumgardner, Enterprise Relationship Manager, South Central, IGEL

Learn how IGEL is being leveraged by the largest hospitals, governments, retailers and financial institutions to drive security, management and savings.

The power of 2, what the partnership of HP and IGEL means to you. First, we start with a persona-based methodology to identify needs. Next, we list the key attributes in the environment to select the optimal EUC device. We will highlight the value of factory installed IGEL OS with HP Thin Clients to provide the most reliable access device for your EUC transformation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to address hybrid/remote work with a persona-based methodology
  • The keys to long life and successful lifecycle support for the hybrid/remote world
  • Success is driven by knowing the rules and selecting right solution

Presenter: Eric Camulli, VP and Customer Success Officer, 7SIGNAL

In this session, attendees will understand how 7SIGNAL software can optimize IGEL endpoints for use on enterprise Wi-Fi networks. 7SIGNAL can significantly improve the quality, speed, roaming journeys and digital experiences for end users. This means risk mitigation, reduced downtime, fewer helpdesk calls and much more.

This presentation outlines real-world best practices from joint IGEL /7SIGNAL customers across a board range of industries and uncovers some of the many hidden root causes of frustrated users.


  • Steve McGovern, EUC Business Development, VMware
  • Kevin Goodman, Director, End User Computing, Amazon Web Services
  • Samit Halvadia, Chief Technology Officer, Rimo3
  • Gary Taylor, Leader of Workplace Virtualization, Kyndryl

Learn more about the latest innovation from VMware with Apps on Demand & Horizon on WorkSpaces Core.

Apps on Demand bring the users applications as needed to their Windows virtual desktop or session. Modern application lifecycle management; app capture, entitlement, deployment, rollback, telemetry, and self-service have never been easier.

Horizon on WorkSpaces Core brings the best of Amazon WorkSpaces Core, and VMware Horizon together to provide the best “always on” Windows desktop experience on AWS.

Hear how VMware partnered with AWS to build Horizon on WorkSpaces Core, with Rimo3 to enhance our modern application management with their automated application testing solution, and with Kyndryl to provide services around these solutions.


  • Andy Whiteside, President and CEO, XenTegra
  • LeRoy Vanek, Principal Technical Architect, Baptist Health
  • Darren Perry, Chief Client Executive, XenTegra

Join XenTegra founder and CEO Andy Whiteside for a fireside chat with XenTegra and IGEL customer LeRoy Vanek of Baptist Health South Florida.

LeRoy will share how Baptist is using an IGEL powered digital workspace to accelerate their digital transformation, increase their security posture. From this session, learn:

  • How Baptist Health is leveraging IGLE to improve business and patient outcome. – How XenTegra Assisted in that process.
  • The value of the digital workspace in healthcare


  • Brad Peterson, Vice President of Marketing, Workspot
  • Mark Callahan, Sales Engineer, Workspot

Fast time-to-value. It’s one of the many reasons our customers and partners rave about our enterprise Cloud PC platform. Deploy Cloud PCs across Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. Scale globally in minutes. Even the most demanding power users will love the responsiveness and performance. Greater productivity, stronger security, easier collaboration, unprecedented agility. That’s value.
During this technical session, you’ll learn the following:

  • How easy it is to deploy and manage Cloud PCs across Azure, GCP, and AWS, globally, using a single admin console
  • How multi-cloud deployments work and why you should optimize price/performance for each use case
  • How to achieve five 9s availability with Workspot Global Desktop
  • How Cloud PCs battle ransomware and keep your business running after an attack
  • Why global Cloud PC observability is essential, how it works and who offers it (Only Workspot!)
  • The benefits of IGEL OS devices accessing Workspot Cloud PCs and workstations

Engage with end-user compute and cloud workspace experts, dive into product demos, connect with partners and interact with community members, all while enjoying appetizers, cocktail drinks and live music.


7:30am - 8:45am - Breakfast & Expo Hall Open | Expo Foyer

Presenter: Andy Whiteside, President and CEO, XenTegra

The growing importance of sustainability within IT and end user computing, and why sustainability is now a key factor for many organizations – from an IGEL partner perspective.


  • Jed Aryes, CEO, IGEL
  • Tarkan Maner, CCO, Nutanix

IGEL’s CEO and newest IGEL board member look back at how end user computing arrived at its current state, and increasing opportunities in the rapidly changing EUC hybrid work landscape.


  • Adam Cooperman, CRO, Flexxible
  • Matt Scudder, Vice President of Sales, Nerdio
  • Amitabh Sinha, Co-Founder and CEO, Workspot

Key IGEL technology partners will share some of their primary observations on the changing world of end user computing and their recommendations on how to address the needs of today’s widely distributed, hybrid work world.

10am - 10:15am - room change

If you would like to get more information about this meeting, please contact Irfan Khurshid at [email protected] or Brad Tompkins at [email protected].


  • Christiaan Brinkhoff, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Windows 365, Microsoft
  • John Spencer, Program Manager, Microsoft

As more and more customers are choosing Azure as their cloud of choice for their virtual desktops, customers are bringing their CAE/CAD or other visualization workloads that require a GPU to AVD.

Join this session to learn how ands why a perfect storm of RDP enhancements, new VM choices with a fractional GPU from #Nvidia and #AMD and new capabilities in #AVD make engineering from anywhere possible.

Presenter: Adam Cooperman, Chief Revenue Officer, Flexxible

In today’s ever-evolving business world, it’s essential to have a DaaS solution that can adapt to your changing needs. FlexxDesktop is the key to a flexible and agile DaaS experience, supporting multiple VDI brokers and any cloud or hardware platform.

In this presentation, we’ll explore how FlexxDesktop provides the right tool for the right job, combining the best aspects of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises infrastructure to deliver cost-effective and secure desktop as a service. With FlexxDesktop, you can quickly and easily scale your infrastructure as your business needs change, without sacrificing security or performance.
You will learn about the trade-offs between public cloud, private cloud and on-premises solutions and how to strike a balance between cost and performance. We will discuss how to assess your workload requirements and make informed decisions that will save you time and money in the long run.

Join us for a journey through the world of Flexxible and agile DaaS solutions, and learn how FlexxDesktop can help you take your business to the next level.


  • Brad Peterson, Vice President of Marketing, Workspot
  • Mark Callahan, Sales Engineer, Workspot

What does modernizing end user computing look like? How easy is it for organizations to get started, and what are the business benefits?

Traditional approaches to desktop delivery – physical PCs and VDI – are expensive and complex. Overtaxed IT teams are responsible for procuring, provisioning, and maintaining the physical infrastructure, and with more users working remotely, security risks are unprecedented. Desktop management has reached a breaking point.

It’s time to modernize with Cloud PCs for simplified management, greater agility, and stronger security. Cloud PCs are always accessible from any device or browser. In this session we’ll discuss:

  • How to easily and securely support remote and hybrid work
  • Why deploying across multiple clouds is optimal
  • The importance of global Cloud PC observability
  • The key to fast-time-to-value and long-term success


  • Moin Khan, Global CTO, XenTegra
  • Fred Reynolds, VP of Modern Applications, XenTegra

Are you wanting to drive the insights of IGEL (Cloud, Physical, Virtual and Thin Clients) into your Service Management processes and quickly assist end users with the issues they are facing? We believe that a simple integration with Service Now can provide you with many features and functionality to address your use cases.

Below is a list of just a s ample set of what we will be discussing in this Breakout session about the benefits of Integrating IGEL data into ServiceNow:

  • Enables faster routing and resolution of support tickets
  • Embed rich data points into the user support ticket
  • Use the data to buildout your asset inventory / asset recovery (unused software/hardware)
  • Create custom dashboards and reporting
  • Integrating IGEL Cosmo with ServiceNow
  • Monitoring and Integration with Liquidware and XenTegra Powerapps

Presenter: James Hsu, Product Management, Citrix

Join Citrix’s James Hsu as he presents a technical update and how-to on the following topics:

  • Learn about FastHDX – a new joint solution from Citrix and IGEL and how to onboard users with ease
  • Unique multimedia capabilities provide an enhanced user experience
  • Security and performance enhancements for Citrix Customers
  • USB Redirection or Virtual Channel Optimizations
  • Increase performance and user experience while lowering network requirements with hardware-accelerated graphics

11am - 11:15am - room change

Presenter: Sebastien Perusat, Senior Director of Community and Principal Engineer, IGEL

You might have asked yourself: how can I make IGEL OS look even better? How to get the most out of the product? Make it even more user friendly? If you answer yes, then join us in a short Command line journey and have fun in bringing up new ideas!

Presenter: Trentent Tye, Senior Citrix Technical Expert, ControlUp

ControlUp and IGEL are the perfect match for building a secure and cost-efficient modern workplace solution that allows your employees to be productive and work from anywhere. ControlUp gives every IT department the full end-to-end visibility from the cloud or your datacenter down to each endpoint and the tools they need to prevent IT tickets, reduce time to resolve issues and ensure that your employees can work when they want, from wherever they want.

In this session you will learn how our new ControlUp Real-Time DX 8.8 release and our Edge DX cloud solution helps you:

  • Support remote and hybrid workstyles
  • Troubleshoot and remediate user experience issues in seconds
  • Save cost by optimizing resource consumption


  • Yangzhi Zhao, Product Director, Frame, Nutanix
  • Jason Thompson, Software Engineer, Nutanix

Almost everything in our lives today – from media to shopping to personal finance to healthcare to meeting our significant other – can be done, on-demand, from any place, on any device, at any time. Is it really any wonder, then, that all these new work models (remote, hybrid, distributed, four-day, etc.) have exploded in popularity post-pandemic? These models are all a shift toward what workers are ultimately looking for:

The ability and flexibility to engage work as an on-demand experience.

For organizations, delivering this experience certainly has its challenges:

  • Connectivity and resource availability
  • Data and endpoint security
  • Collaboration and communication

In this demo-filled session, you will learn what makes Frame’s approach to digital workspaces so unique and why it’s the best solution on the market to help organizations with this transformation.

Presenter: Eva Helén, Author of Women in Tech, a Book for Guys; CEO, EQ Inspiration

A session for any person aspiring to hire, and to support the advancement of women and minorities, but not quite sure where to begin. Eva Helén, CEO of EQ Inspiration will talk with men from the End User Community who are already mentoring, sponsoring, and promoting women around them. Regardless of where you are at, you will leave with tangible actions you can take to make a difference.

Presenter: Kevin Goodman, Director, End User Computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When it comes to providing hybrid and remote workers with the tools required to do their jobs, IT and Security professionals must support a broad range of use cases. AWS understands this, and designed Amazon WorkSpaces Family (Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkSpaces Core, and Amazon WorkSpaces Web) and Amazon AppStream 2.0 services to give organizations the flexibility to choose the best-fit solution for their specific user requirements and budgetary constraints.

In this session, Kevin Goodman, Director of Product Management for AWS EUC, will discuss new developments in the AWS EUC portfolio like WorkSpaces Core to make it easy to re-host your existing VDI environments or expand them to the AWS Cloud in a hybrid environment, and WorkSpaces Web for low-cost secure browser access for employees using primarily web-based applications.

In this session you’ll:

  • Learn about the entire range of AWS End User Computing services
  • Explore Amazon WorkSpaces Core and the AWS commitment to enabling hybrid virtual desktop use cases
  • Discover ways to move your EUC workloads to the cloud faster and more cost effectively with AWS End User Computing

12pm - 1pm - Lunch & Expo Hall Open | Delta B

Presenter: Dan O’Farrell, VP of Product Marketing, IGEL

IGEL just launched its new end user computing platform for secure, powerful access to digital workspaces that is both easy to manage at scale and cost-effective – IGEL COSMOS.

For the first time, IGEL has separated its core endpoint device operating system, IGEL OS, from integrated apps and cloud services to enable even greater endpoint security, more rapid time-to-market for integrated partner technologies, enhanced end-user experiences, and easier, more efficient IT management and control.

New cloud-based services designed to improve the user experience for both IT admins and end-users will be discussed, along with organizational benefits related to:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Precise endpoint insight
  • Capital and operational cost savings
  • An improved sustainability profile, and
  • Broad flexibility in migrating in lockstep with the ongoing evolution of the cloud and digital workspaces

Presenter: Matt Scudder, Vice President of Sales, Nerdio


  • Al Solorzano, Vice President – Digital Workplace, e360
  • Jon Via, Principal Architect, e360

Deploying IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) and IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) components in Azure provides increased scalabilty and resiliency while adding features not available in on-premises deployments.

At the behest of our clients, e360 developed a hosted and managed service offering for IGEL UMS and ICG and now you can learn what we learned to support you in your own deployment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Scalability and deployment options for UMS and ICG
  • Firmware deployment options best suited for your scenario – Secure access deployment options

Presenter: Ruben Spruijt, Sr. Technologist, Nutanix

Looking to enhance your virtual desktop experience? Look no further!
Windows Desktops as a Service (DaaS) hosted on the public cloud infrastructure provided by the three major hyperscalers has become increasingly popular, offering a range of benefits including scalability and flexibility. Selecting the right VM types in Azure, AWS, and GCP, either with or without a GPU, can be challenging – your choice does have a huge impact on performance and perceived user experience!

Join Benny Tritsch and Ruben Spruijt, two EUC geeks, as they explore the various options for utilizing DaaS and examine the application performance and best price/performance ratio across Azure, AWS and GCP. Discover unique and unpublished results using a modern DaaS solution and native browser apps running virtual desktops and applications in LAN and WAN environments. Gain valuable insights at DISRUPT on how to choose the right solution for your DaaS requirements. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your virtual desktop experience!


  • Jeff Kalberg, Principal Technology Evangelist, IGEL
  • Jon Duncan, Group Product Line Manager, VMware

The product teams from VMware and IGEL have been in conversations about the possibility of managing IGEL OS devices with Workspace ONE (WS1) UEM. Although a proof of concept has been built, support has not been productized yet. This session is intended to be a roundtable discussion for customers that might have interest in using our joint solution. We will quickly walk thru what we’ve done so far and present some ideas where we think the integration should go, but this session is more about you, our customers. We’re looking for your feedback to help guide our product roadmaps.


  • Lisa Pratt, Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, IntraSystems
  • Sarah Kessler, Manager, Digital Health Services, The University of Vermont Medical Center

During the pandemic, the need to deliver Telehealth at the University of Vermont Health Network increased exponentially. Existing endpoint devices were not capable of being used for Telehealth video visits due to limitations for support of video conferencing technologies in a virtual desktop environment. By implementing IGEL, UVM Health was able to resolve that issue without having to replace any existing endpoint devices.

In this session you will learn:

  • How IGEL helped UVM Health transform their existing endpoint devices to support Telehealth needs
  • How the technology has evolved to provide a safe, secure, and streamlined Telehealth process for UVM Health medical providers that integrates directory with their EMR
  • How UVM Health leverages IGEL to help maintain a standardized, updated, and supported Telehealth environment for all providers

If you would like to get more information about this meeting, please contact Phil Eden at [email protected] or Carl Gersh at [email protected].

1:45pm - 2pm - room change

Presenter: Sebastien Perusat, Senior Director of Community and Principal Engineer, IGEL

What can the IGEL Community do for you? We are a group of EUC experts talking Tech, but what are we delivering beside that? What is happening outside of Slack? We will deliver a deep dive in our contents but also share unique insights in our plans for the future + Since our last Munich Disrupt many crispy and fancy features were added to our products and we are sure you never heard of them ! If you are a Tech enthusiast, you should not miss it!


  • Dennis Colar, Director of Channel Development and Strategic Alliances, Parallels
  • Shawn Banfield, Sales Engineer, Alludo

Parallels RAS and IGEL pair up to support customers with business-critical legacy applications as they move to modern solutions.​

Parallels virtualization solutions and IGEL integrated thin clients can create secure, zero trust, virtualized applications, desktops, and workspaces.​ Regardless of whether your customer is using an on-premises solution, moving to a cloud platform, or is fully transitioned to the cloud, we have a purpose-built set of tools and a platform that make it easy to design, deploy and support a virtual solution.​

Presenter: Michael Kingston, Lead Information Technology Specialist, IntraSystems

Join in for a discussion about how to complete the IGEL deployments that are started. Learn the top reasons companies do not finish their respective deployments, the benefit of completing your IGEL deployment and how to cross the finish line.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to avoid pitfalls and complete deployments by overcoming and embracing change.
  • How to gain a better understanding of the nuances of deploying IGEL in your current environment.
  • How to align the business objectives with user requirements, while staying within given constraints.

Presenter: Ruben Spruijt, Sr. Technologist, Nutanix

Get ready for a game-changing session on hybrid work, DaaS, public cloud, on-premises, GPUs, and industry developments to stay relevant as IT-Pro!

Ruben Spruijt, Nutanix Frame Technologist and EUC geek, will be sharing his insights and expertise on the latest trends in End User Computing. Using data from the community-driven “State of the EUC Union” survey, Ruben will debunk myths and share valuable insights on the current state and future of Workspace strategies. You’ll learn about the technology driving End User Computing in the hybrid and multi-cloud era, and how to deliver and manage EUC for the new normal. Don’t miss out on this packed and informative session – join us and embrace the future of hybrid work!

Presenter: Jason Willis, Practice Principal – Experience, Alchemy Technology Group

The keys to success for the ultimate DaaS delivery is creating a solution that places an emphasis on a set of tools that works seamlessly together. The model and methodology creates a superhighway for performance, security, and management for hundreds or thousands of users. In this session, you will learn:

  • What are the key tools for success
  • How to manage a solution that can span on-prem, cloud, and remote
  • Where does security play in this solution
  • How the tools work together for a predetermined outcome

Presenter: Fredrik Brattstig, EMEA Technology Evangelist, IGEL

User experience is the ultimate validation of your IGEL OS and Citrix investments. We will deep dive into the H.264 compression of session streams and analyse the performance, video frames and all the bits in between.
You will see the benefits of using NVIDIA virtual GPU’s for your VDI workloads.
You will learn how hardware-accelerated graphics will enhance the user experience and understand how graphics encoding/decoding works.
How close are the quality of a Citrix session to “Local PC experience” – Let’s find out! We will show you how you can quantify the perceived user experience and show you not only the metrics but also the science behind these metrics.
This presentation is brought to you as a collaboration of IGEL Technology and Go-EUC (, by the Swede Fredrik Brattsig and the Dutchman, Eltjo van Gulik both industry experts in the field of End User Computing!

2:45pm - 3pm - Room Change

Executive reflections and thoughts on the evolving world of IT, the cloud, and end user computing from VMware’s perspective.

A look at how end user computing and the cloud have evolved to the current day, and some key considerations (and recommended technologies) on what will happen next.

Moderator: Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL


  • Mark Templeton, Chairman, Workspot, Former CEO, Citrix
  • Sridhar Mullapudi, EVP and General Manager, Citrix – Cloud Software Group
  • Sumit Dhawan, President, VMware
  • Scott Manchester, Director of Product Management Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, Microsoft
  • Tarkan Maner, CCO, Nutanix

Unscripted, informal panel discussion with some of the greatest EUC influencers and market makers within VDI, virtual apps, and digital workspaces.

Presneter: Jed Aryes, CEO, IGEL

Closing keynote, summary and re-cap of the past 2.5 days, and personal sentiments toward all who attended DISRUPT from IGEL’s CEO

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