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Customer Panel Discussions:
Transforming Business, Uniting People

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Customer panelists:
• Chris McMasters, CIO, City of Corona
• Kyle Edgeworth, Deputy CIO, City of Corona
• David Faynor, IT Business Manager, Pittsburgh Mercy
• Andrew Kisak, Clinical Solutions Architect, Pittsburgh Mercy

The subject of business continuity has come to the fore over the past year as many organizations had to respond quickly to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In local government and in healthcare, business continuity has always been a key consideration for IT planning. In this panel discussion, the City of Corona in California will discuss how pre-pandemic business continuity planning was already in place given the prevalence of wild fires and earth quakes in California, and how moving apps and desktops to the Azure cloud via WVD with Citrix and IGEL not only provided some assurance against the next fire or earthquake, but it also enabled the City of Corona to promptly respond to the new work-from-home requirement caused by the pandemic. We will also hear from Pittsburgh Mercy, a community health and wellness provider, on how they were able to quickly move many of their employees from on-site to their homes at the start of the pandemic (and where they have remained productive) with the help of Citrix and IGEL.


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