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19 AUG 2021

8am PDT | 4pm GMT | 5pm CEST

Delivering an Excellent User Experience While Consuming Change

Join us to learn how Login VSI and IGEL are enhancing the ability of the enterprise to deal with the non-stop rate of change of end-user digital workspaces.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Login Enterprise End User Management
  • How to run automated end-user acceptance testing to benchmark user experience
  • How to load test VDI deployments including cloud (AVD), sizing/selection, etc.
  • How to verify end-user experience in production
  • How to leverage existing IGEL endpoints for pre- and post-production user experience testing
  • How to move your mindset from self-built metrics scripts to an enterprise-level solution

This will be a somewhat technical discussion, show & tell, and deep dive into Login VSI and IGEL technologies and solutions. Don’t miss the brainstorming on actual use cases coming from the market.



Product Manager
Login VSI


Senior Director
Product Marketing

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